The Tyndall Pedic Story

Tyndall Pedic was originally designed to be a house brand mattress for Tyndall Furniture & Mattress in Charlotte, NC. It was developed to be the best product on the market for the best price we could offer our customers. When Tyndall Pedic owners told us that their pain was disappearing and that they were sleeping better than ever before, we knew we had something special. The Tyndall Pedic mattress brand has quickly earned a positive reputation in the mattress industry and has become a well known brand name in the Charlotte area.

Our Tyndall Pedic line is engineered by experts to provide a superior sleep experience. Tedious hours of development have gone into creating a product that uses advanced sleep technology and superior quality products. Customers love the comfort features like ClimaTech® temperature control technology and motion reduction as well as the incredible health benefits they are experiencing from switching to a Tyndall Pedic mattress.