The Perfect Sleep 5 – Smart Adjustable Bed Base

Smart Home Ready, 5 Programmable Positions, Massage, Upgraded Upholstery

5 Stars


The sleek Perfect Sleep 5 smart adjustable base takes relaxation to the next level. Building on the features of the Perfect Sleep 4, this sleek upholstered base is perfect for those looking to upgrade their sleep. Try all five preset positions including: Zero Gravity, Anti Snore, Lounge, TV, and Flat. And before you turn in for the night, wind down with a relaxing head and foot massage—with four programs, three intensities, and three time settings. Includes wireless remote (with motion-activated LED backlighting) and a 20-year warranty.

  • Incline options up to 60 degrees for head, 45 degrees for foot panels
  • Five preset positions with ability to customize five more
  • Convenient charging ports, underbed LED lights, and built-in Bluetooth®
  • Access to extra customization with the award-winning App
  • 12 head and foot massage combinations with timer

UPGRADED UPHOLSTERY: Upholstered in a linen-inspired fabric for an upgraded look that blends seamlessly into any bedroom.

SMART HOME READY: Use the built-in Bluetooth® to connect your adjustable base to your phone. Then use our award-winning App to control not only your position, but your partner’s too—without needing to steal their remote.

YOUR MOVE: Try the five preprogrammed positions, including Zero Gravity, Anti Snore, Lounge, TV, and Flat. And when you find the perfect position, customize and save up to five of your own.

RELAX WITH A MASSAGE: Eliminate the stress of the day. Use the advanced vibrational head and foot massage for the ultimate relaxation before bed.

Adjustable Beds can actually make you healthier. People with back or joint problems are made worse by sleeping on a flat bed. Sleeping on your side causes problems with breathing and circulation. More studies are showing that adjustable beds have therapeutic effects on the body. These adjustable sleep systems are designed for maximum comfort and individual customization.


FULL SIZE: 73.5 x 53.5 in, Height 15.5 in

TWIN SIZE: 73.5 x 37.5 in, Height 15.5 in

TWIN XL SIZE: 79 x 37.5 in, Height 15.5 in

QUEEN SIZE: 79 x 59 in, Height 15.5 in

SPLIT QUEEN SIZE: 79 x 29.5 in, Height 15.5 in

KING SIZE: 79.5 x 75 in, Height 15.5 in

SPLIT CAL KING HALF SIZE: 83.5 x 35.5 in, Height 15.5 in

Available in Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King and Split King

*Not available for sale directly from this website. See your local retailer for current pricing or call 803-802-7710 for more information.

Benefits of Adjustable Bases

Benefits of Adjustable Bases


Alleviate Back Pain


Reduce Snoring


Relieves Arthritis Pain


Relieve Acid Reflux


Improve Digestion


Reduce Headaches


Improve Breathing


Relaxation & Lifestyle


Reduce Insomnia

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My wife and I received our mattress last Friday and I never thought that a bed could make that much difference. The Tyndall Pedic mattress we purchased is wonderful and is truly worth the cost. My wife was impressed with the delivery men who were very professional. It was great dealing with Don as well at the store. The purchasing experience was good all around and we are very pleased we decided to try out Tyndall after hearing the commercials on WBT. However, one warning, if you try this bed you will buy it, so be prepared!!”

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